How to Create Your Own Bed Canopy


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If you're looking for a cheap way to give your bedroom a dramatic makeover, try creating your own bed canopy.

Here are three simple variations:

1. To get the look as seen in the picture on the right, all you have to do is mount curtain tracks onto the ceiling and hang the curtains of choice or create your own. Make sure it's stable though, you definitely don't want to wake up covered in fallen fabric.


Photo by Elements of Style design blog


2. I found this diagram while perusing my daily design blog reads. Talented Erin of Elements of Style illustrates how to create a second type of bed canopy. To achieve this look take two drapery rods and install one at the head of the bed, the second at the foot. Take a very long piece of fabric and run it up the wall behind the bed and over the rods. Feel free to tack the fabric to the wall to prevent it from moving.




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Mosquito netting canopies, like the one shown here from Amazon ($68.99), is easy to install and gives an elegant or exotic look. You can also create your screwing a small hook into the ceiling and hanging the fabric from it. If it seems too closed in, you can also use four hooks instead, screwing them into the ceiling above each bed corner.

I love these looks, and they're so cheap and easy, yet gives a room a completely different vibe!

What DIY projects have you done around your home that gave it instant flair?

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