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Another lovely Nesting & Nurturing guest post—I, for one, can't get enough of reading about what home means to this bunch of creative mamas. It's teaching me a lot about my own feelings about home.

Today we welcome Emily Gaines Demsky, artist and mama behind the blog Shining Egg and, along with Molly, co-creator of habit.

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The dining room, after its makeover


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Emily, what does home mean to you?

When we bought our house—six years ago—it was ugly. At least three rooms were pink (floor and ceiling too), and one was peach. The primary living space was covered with outdated pile carpet, dark wallpaper, and heavy drapes. To say that it was not our taste is a gross understatement. But we had spent every penny purchasing the house, and we had a newborn and a three-year old. We were without money, without time, and without a way to do anything but move in and start living.

Which is exactly what we did (right after we repainted the pink rooms). We spread out and inhabited every inch of this house. It was on that old pile carpet that my daughter learned to crawl and later to walk. It was in that kitchen with the cracked linoleum floor and the vinyl cushion-covered bench that we baked birthday cakes and countless batches of muffins and cooked waffles for breakfasts and sat around the table together for dinner every night. It was in that dark wallpapered dining room that we celebrated Thanksgivings, and it was there that we gathered with family and friends when my dear aunt passed away. It was within those ugly walls that we grew and learned and celebrated and mourned and lived our lives.

It was five years later when we finally had the time and the money and a way to replace the floor and repaint the walls and make the house look like ours. And when the time came—for carpet to go, for wallpaper to come down, for the vinyl bench to be ripped out—I felt a little bit sad. Those ugly walls had become our home. And I felt enormously proud. We made this house our home—first and foremost—by living in it.


About Emily Gaines Demsky:

Emily Gaines Demsky







Emily Gaines Demsky is an artist living with her husband and their two young children in Baltimore, Maryland. Emily is the author of the blog Shining Egg and is the co-creator of the collaborative blog habit. Her first solo show – Even the Horizon, Recent Paintings – opens at the James L. Pierce Gallery in Baltimore later this month.

Love this, Emily. It's so true. Oh, the ugly places I miss because of all the darn good living I did in them.

Come back tomorrow for more Nesting & Nurturing...

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