Hide-a-Dollhouse: Play That's Out of the Way


Dollhouse tucks away in a cupboard


I love this dollhouse that's hidden inside a cupboard. What a smart spacesaver!



I still have the giant dollhouse that my dad made me in a box in my basement. I loved playing in that dollhouse. I guess, since my boys aren't into dollhouses, I'm saving it for, er, grandchildren? Uh, that could be three decades from now (in other words, I could be still be storing it at the convalescent hospital).

That's why I love this hideaway two-story, loft-style dollhouse inside a cupboard that I found over on Nesting. Save spaces, doesn't add a piece of furniture, hides nicely when the "dolls" are bad housekeepers, and doesn't lead to (eh em) a long future of storage nightmares.

Read more about this mom's great DIY dollhouse ideas over on Nesting.


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