Tips on Attracting Songbirds Into Your Yard

For me, the sound of spring is the chirping and whistling of songbirds. It's sometimes hard to get them to want to stay in your yard though.


Here are some tips for attracting nature's music makers:

  1. Provide a water source: Make sure it's near protective shrubs during the summer months. On hot days, birdies are especially wanting to bathe and drink. If you use a bird bath, keep it only an inch or two deep with a shallow slope.
  2. Create a songbird border: Along your property, plant trees and shrubs that meet the needs of birds throughout the year. Try to do a variety, such as a species of thorny trees, like rasberry, for nesting; evergreens such as spruce or juniper for cover; and berry-producing shrubs such as dogwood or serviceberry for food.
  3. Create a brush pile: In one corner of your property, have a place where you throw dropped limbs and such. Songbirds will find shelter from extreme weather in these.
  4. Rake leaves under your shrubs: It creates a natural feeding area for birds to munch on various insects.
  5. Clean out the birdhouses: And when doing so, make sure the entrance hole is large enough for your preferred species but not too big to allow bossy bluejays in.

 Ahh, there's nothing like listening to the sound of the whippoorwill on a warm evening!

What kinds of birds flock to your yard? Do you have any tips for keeping them around?


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