At Home with CafeMom KayMMIV: Nesting & Nurturing

mom, baby, strawberry

KayMMIV and son Tristian check out the season's first strawberry


I'm loving Nesting & Nurturing—a pretty series of guest posts from several moms who take time out to share a glimpse of what they love about their home and gardens through snapshots and words.

In today's guest post, we join CafeMom KayMMIV in her starter garden, just outside her new home.


baby, strawberry

Baby Tristian really wants that strawberry

mom, child, garden

Kay and baby start their springtime garden on the deck


Kay, what does home mean to you?

Home is the place where my husband and son are. That's the long and short of it and the most obvious answer.

Right now our home is the house where our first son learned to walk the very same month we moved in! We just bought our first house in August and moved into it in September. We have spent a lot of time fixing the place up already on the inside, and with the warm weather, we are moving to the outside.

Our home will also hopefully soon be the place where we put up our own siding, put in our own fence, and plant trees, bushes, flowers, herbs, and vegetables in our yard. Home is the house where we already installed a new laminate wood floor, replaced drywall, and painted the walls in earthy tones so we can walk in and home. ;-)

Home is a building where we can and being proud of the work we've done, being happy with the memories we've made, and rejoicing in the life we've built—because our home is also an outward sign of the debt we've overcome. It's a symbol of sorts that we are committed to building our life together for ourselves and our child(ren).


About KayMMIV:

mom, child

CafeMom KayMMIV

Kay is short for Calyn (Kay-lynn), which is short for Jacalyn. Kay has a wonderful husband, Trevor and beautiful toddler son, Tristian, and is very, very close to trying for another little one. Kay has a blog called Green Mama on a Budget and is the owner of several of the green groups on CafeMom, including; Green Organic Natural Simple Living, Organic, Natural, and Simple Living, Natural & Earth Mamas, and Cloth Diapering Mamas.

Thanks, Kay, for the reminder that making a home is always a work in progress. This is a wonderful thing for us all to remember on a regular basis.

Reader friends, keep checking back every weekday in May for more stories and photographs from the home lives of real moms.

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