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California poppies in bloom in Emily's front yard


This last guest post for the week is from one of my favorite home- and nature-loving creative mamas. Enjoy! And then check back next week for more cool moms and their snapshots and words about home life.

Today's guest is mama, writer, and artist Emily Perry of the creative blog Five Flowers.


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Play corner in the kids' room


Bits of inspiration in the master bedroom

Emily, what does home mean to you?

Home is a place that I feel safe: physically and emotionally. When I had children, I wanted to make sure our home was a place where they felt safe to be who they are. I wanted it to be the place they always wanted to come home to. At the same time, I try to make our home a place that reflects our lives, interests, and personalities while remaining open and uncluttered.

We recently relocated to a new house this winter, and so the new challenge is decorating a small rental with plaster walls (good luck nailing something into one of those!). Our house is at the beach in a natural setting in California, and so I try and let the environment create most of the atmosphere. Right now the poppies are blooming, and we have been spending most of our time outdoors on the sage covered bluffs that surround our home.

But above all else, I think home should be about love, and so that is what I try to instill into our home everyday.

About Emily Perry:

Emily Perry









Emily Perry lives with her husband, daughter, and son in California. A freelance writer and artist, Emily can be found at her website Five Flowers, her collaborative visual journal True Places, and her Etsy shop.

Emily, you always inspire me. Those poppies are gorgeous! Readers, come back on Monday and all month long to enjoy lots of wonderful moms talking about home life.


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