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Every weekday during Mother's Day month, I am featuring a guest post by one of my favorite home- and garden-loving mamas. Each mom will share snapshots from her home life and a few words about what home means to her.

Today's guest is jennmarie77, mom of two, CafeMom, DIY mama extraordinaire, and group owner for one my favorite CafeMom groups: Design on a Dime Moms.


maple tree

Old maple tree


jennmarie77, what does home mean to you?

When I think of home, I think of a place where I walk over toys, yell at dogs to quit barking, and where there is always a home improvement project going on or being planned. This year's projects include painting, new kitchen flooring, utility room work and, of course, maintaining our yearly vegetable garden. My favorite project, scheduled for completion right in time for Mom's Day, is the installation of my garage door opener.

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jennmarie77 is a mom of two boys, Benjamin, 5 and Levi, 3, and wife to Daniel. She and her family currently live in a 134-year old home in beautiful central PA. She enjoys flower and vegetable gardening, home improvement projects, reading, sewing, spending time with her family and, of course, CafeMom. You can also find her talking about home improvement projects in her CafeMom group Design on a Dime Moms.

You're awesome, jennmarie77. I'm in awe of all the home improvement projects you have going all the time. Readers, come back all month long. Every weekday in May, home- and garden-loving moms will share about their home lives, through photos and words.


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