Help a Mother Out!


Two Bay Area, CA mothers formed the charity Help a Mother Out after learning not only about the growing numbers of homeless women and children but also that women's shelters and centers can't afford diapers and other basic personal hygiene necessities.

In honor of Mother's Day, why not Help a Mother Out today?



Diaper companies don't donate diapers to women's shelters and centers, and programs for low-income women, like WIC, don't cover diapers. Not enough diapers means babies and small children in low-income families are not getting the healthy diaper changes they need. In addition, diaperlessness can also mean no childcare since subsidized care requires children be amply stocked on diapers. Without childcare, jobless parents can't spend critical time looking for or holding down newfound jobs. And thus, the vicious cycle of homelessness and joblessness continues.

To participate in Help a Mother Out's Online Diaper Drive, you need not be a Californian. Simply go to the Help a Mother Out site and make a purchase from any of the online wish lists for California shelters and organizations that help low-income and homeless women and kids.

Donate before midnight on Friday, May 8th, and Help a Mother Out will send you a special Mother's Day e-card that you can forward on to a wonderful mother in your life.

For diaper donation programs in your area, Google "diaper banks" with your hometown name or contact your local women's shelter to find out their need. There's no better day to Help a Mother Out than today...


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