Easy, Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

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Are you giving handmade Mother's Day gifts to your mother or mother-in-law this year? Or maybe your kids want to make a gift for Grandma? Here are some nice ideas.



CafeMom Crazymom080787 already shared her ideas for going green for Mother's Day. What about going handmade for Mother's Day? Crafting or handmaking a gift is usually green, easy on the pocketbook, and lots more special than a store bought gift.

Here are some easy handmade Mother's Day gifts I like:



And also some easy, kid-friendly handmade Mother's Day gifts I like:


  • Origami is the best, from flowers and hearts to sweets and cute creatures


Plus, lots more ideas in the Mother's Day Crafts post in the handmade holidays group. Happy crafting!

Give Grandma something extra special for Mother's Day (if your mom's in town, then maybe you're thinking what I'm thinking; that's a long and lovely day with her wonderful grandchildren all to herself).


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