At Home with Elizabeth Fleming: Nesting & Nurturing

breakfast nook

Elizabeth's bright and pretty kitchen eating nook

We love mamas and home life around here, and so continues our pretty series of Nesting & Nurturing guest posts. Come back daily this month to enjoy guest posts from many moms who love home life and share that love through snapshots and words.

Today I welcome Elizabeth Fleming, photographer mama behind the blog Tethered.



Master bedroom with family photos; candlesticks made by Elizabeth's uncle in wood shop


June's bedroom with a portrait of Elizabeth's great grandmother and namesake

Elizabeth, what does home mean to you?

Home to me first and foremost means safety. I love my house, and part of why I feel so connected to this space I've created with my family is because I feel safe here. Many of the objects and things in the home I share with my husband and children have stories behind them: they belonged to grandparents or were given to us by relatives or the like, and there is a history and a sense of patina to much of what surrounds us. 

Home also means comfort. I'm very orderly and I tend to arrange objects in such a way that they become mini still lifes, and I like to have everything in its place. What I don't like are redundant things: I either have to find something attractive or useful (or both) in order for it to stick around. Otherwise I'm always donating or re-purposing anything I come to feel is clutter. When my environment is organized and beautiful, I feel comforted. 

Home means warmth to me as well—I would like to think that my house is inviting and cozy and feels welcoming to people when they come to visit. I know that I feel welcomed by my house every time I walk into it because I'm greeted by a space that I have nurtured and am very fond of.

About Elizabeth Fleming:

Elizabeth is a photographer and mother who lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, and their wiener dog. She is endlessly observing and always striving for balance, sometimes successfully. More often than not, life is a whirlwind and art is her means of making sense of it all. She writes the blog Tethered, and you can see her images on her website at

Thanks, Elizabeth. I want to spend hours in that breakfast nook. With cappuccinos.

Readers, keep checking back every weekday in May for more moms sharing photos and words about their home lives.



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MomIWant MomIWant

I love her kitchen nook - what a great space to start the day.

lienna lienna

it seems so peaceful and relaxing.

debj49 debj49

I love all the looks. Simple things, yet look very elegant.

Cherr... Cherrylinda

Pretty arched doorway into nook. So tranquil. I can imagine many wonderful conversations and meals being held there.

Cherr... Cherrylinda

I especially love the owl perched on the shelf. I am wondering where that is from.

nonmember avatar efleming

Thanks to everyone for their comments and kind words. The kitchen nook is one of my favorite spaces in my house, and since getting the sconces a few months ago (I searched long and hard for those!) we mostly have dinner guests eat there instead of the dining room because it's so intimate. The owl is actually a trivet--it was my good friend Sally's; she was my godfather's mother and owls were her favorite animal. After she died (at the age of 94, and she was still going strong!) he sent it to me as a reminder of her. I love seeing it and remembering how wonderful she was to me all my life.

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