How Do You Block Weeds Underneath Mulch?


Photo by roxysmommy


Do you install a weed barrier in your garden before putting down mulch?

This question in Answers made me curious: What do you put down on a garden before puttn on bark mulch to stop weeds?

I'd love to know what works for you!




This is something I have to take on in my weed-infested side yard (which sits in view of my neighbors' kitchen window eek!). I already weeded it, but now what? I need to slow down the weeds that sprout up over there, especially because we tend to "let it go" a little.

One neighbor swears by cardboard. Another one uses a water-permeable fabric. Some of the answers from the CafeMoms included plastic tarp, newspaper, and biodegradable mesh fabric. I've been looking at Easy Gardener Weedblock Natural (Ace Hardware), Lee Valley's Biodegradable Weed Barrier, and DuPont's Weed Control Fabrics (Lowe's). I'd love something eco-friendly that would also last a few years.

But I have a tendency to overthink things...and then never do them... Help!


+++ What weed-blocking material works best under the mulch in your garden?


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