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It's Mother's Day month, and we're celebrating moms and home life here in Home & Garden Buzz.

All month, I'll be featuring guest posts by some of my favorite home- and garden-loving mamas. Each mom will be sharing snapshots from her home life and a guest post about what home means to her.

Today I welcome Rachel Saldana, photographer mama behind the blog Buttons Magee.




Rachel, what does home mean to you?

I am living in my fourth house in the past six years. For me, that sense of home has to be transferable. No matter where we are living, it is important to me for my family to always feel a sense of familiarity and comfort in any space.

Since I stay at home with my children, it is essential that my house be filled with things that bring inspiration—artwork from friends, changing accessories, comfortable furniture. My husband works a lot, so when he is home, I want it to be a place where he feels he can kick up his feet and is proud to call home. For that reason, I try to keep the decorating from being overly fussy or frilly. 

Ultimately, a home is a sense of comfort. It’s a welcoming hug at the door, a kiss goodnight. This can be accomplished no matter where your hang your hat.


About Rachel Saldana:

Rachel Saldana

Rachel Saldana









Rachel is a photographer living in Kansas City with her husband and two girls. She is  the person behind the blog Buttons Magee

Thank you, Rachel. Your home is so very lovely. Readers, stay tuned more moms will be sharing photos and words about their home lives all month long.


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