Ask Anthony: How to Strip Chipped Paint off a Concrete Porch


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Today Anthony gives guidance about stripping paint from a concrete porch and repainting or restaining it afterward.

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Q: My painted cement porch is scaling off. What will it take to get the rest of it off? Is there something I can buy to strip it?

—Nonmember irene sparks

A: Hey, Irene. Very funny thing, I recently had to strip and repaint an entire concrete porch. I used a very cool product called: Floor-PaintStrip_250. READ AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER'S INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. SAFETY FIRST! Also, here is some info on paint strippers and removers you may find useful.

NOTE: Stripping the paint took some elbow grease, so be prepared. You may want to consider renting a power washer to remove the paint. They go for about $50 to $75 a day depending where you go. 

FYI: Instead of repainting, I am a fan of staining concrete. It lasts longer and keeps the natural beauty of the concrete.

I realize, of course, your concrete porch may not have any natural beauty. If that 's the case and you need to hide some sins, then repainting is the best option.

Here is some info on non-toxic concrete paints and stains you may want to check out.

Anthony Tips: Can't stress this enough: Make sure your floor is completely clean and clear of all debris before you start repainting or staining. Also, check your local weather report and make sure it is not going to rain for a few days. I've found that no matter what the manufacturer's instructions say, it takes at least 3 to 4 good days for either paint or stain to take to the concrete.  

MOST IMPORTANT: If you have pets, you want them to stay clear of the area. This goes for humans too. My suggestion: tape or fence off the area if you can.

Good luck, have fun, and reward yourself after a job well done. Feels good to empower yourself, doesn't it? You are now an "Anthony Apprentice." Congratulations.

Anthony Gilardi


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