Go Green for Mother's Day

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Whether you're making your Mother's Day wish list or considering what to buy your own mom for Mother's Day, why not make a Green Mother's Day out of it?

CafeMom Crazymom080787 has some great environmentally conscious Mother's Day ideas to share.


I keep saying all I want for Mother's Day is the windows cleaned. But really I want the windows cleaned AND a thoughtful gift. LOL.

The dads in our fam are sending us moms on a local Garden Tour for Mother's Day. That's pretty green, huh? Taking a nice walk, sans children, through other people's gardens? Enjoying the quiet and getting inspired is totally eco-friendly.

Here are some other wonderful ideas for a Green Mother's Day from CafeMom Crazymom080787, Group Owner of the Next Generation of Green Thinking Moms group.

6 Ways to Give Green for Mother's Day

Wouldn't you love to make Mother's Day special AND be eco-friendly at the same time? It's easier than you think! From green activities to gifts with minimal environmental impact, there are a number of ways to celebrate her special day and make Mom feel appreciated. Whether it's your own Mom, the mother of your children, or another special mom you know, you can enjoy the day in a green way. Here are some easy ideas for having a Green Mother's Day, and you can do it without breaking the bank!

1. Take Mom on a walk in the park. This green activity produces no emissions and treading lightly will cause minimal impact. This time of year the flowers are blooming and the leaves are popping out on the trees. Butterflies and birds are taking wing and what a better way to appreciate the environment than to take a walk through it? Local parks, arboretums, or botanical gardens are great venues. Mom will love the thought and enjoy spending time with you.

2. Help Mom start a garden. Whether it's a plot in the backyard or some pots on the porch or windowsill, there's always something you can grow at home. Herbs are a great start, but tomatoes & peppers are almost as easy. The more you grow at home, the less you spend at the grocery store and the smaller a carbon footprint your foods have.

3. Put together a green gift bag of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. There's a wide variety of environmentally safe and low-impact cleaning supplies now available at most grocery and drug stores. Pick out a selection you think will be helpful for Mom's most frequent cleaning tasks.

4. Arrange a gift bag of reusable grocery bags. Most grocery and big-box stores offer these environmentally friendly bags with their logo on them. You'll be helping Mom go green by preventing more plastic grocery bags from ending up in landfills. Go to your mother's favorite store and purchase a stack of their reusable bags. Most stores sell them for about $1.00. You can even use one of the bags as the gift bag!

5. Give houseplants over cut flowers. Bring Mom a houseplant instead of ordering a bouquet of delivered flowers. The carbon footprint caused by flowers shipped across the country can be huge. Houseplants have been proven to improve the micro-environment in your home by reducing airborne toxins and, of course, by producing the oxygen we breathe. Go to a local nursery and pick out a plant that will bring your mother smiles and good health for years.

6. Green your Mother's Day Cards. If you're getting Mom a Mother's Day card, you have a couple options for going green. The most green, of course, is to make the card yourself by recycling materials around the house. The unique gesture will surely bring a smile to her face! Another way to go green is by purchasing a card printed with non-toxic or organic inks on recycled paper.

These ideas are great, Crazymom080787. Thanks so much for sharing! Make sure to check out her Next Generation of Green Thinking Moms group too where you can further expand your earth-lovin' horizons.

What about you? Do you have a Green Mother's Day wish list in the works?

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