Genevieve Gorder: 6 Questions About Motherhood

Genevieve Gorder

Genevieve Gorder



Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve on HGTV and formerly of Trading Spaces is a designer and mom to one-year old Bebelle. She is taking time out today to share with us a little bit about motherhood.

In honor of Mother's Day month, we're talking to a lot of moms in the Daily Buzz blogs, and will be featuring many celebrity moms too.

Here are Genevieve Gorder's thoughts on motherhood.




What has motherhood taught you about yourself and/or what is the most important lesson that motherhood has taught you? Explain.

Pregnancy and giving birth has taught me that women are actually superheroes. I think it could possibly be the best kept secret on earth. Not only can we grow a human being inside of ourselves, but the fact that we can then push it out and then our bodies make food, heal and revert back to its former state (well almost) is the most unbelievable thing I've ever experienced. It's a wonder we don't rule the planet....oh, that's right, we do, secretly! As mothers...what haven't we learned?! I learn something new every day. I think the most important lesson has been that there is this giant hierarchy in our lives and babies are at the absolute top of it. Everything else is just everything else. I can disappear so happily into my child and not really have an ounce of guilt about getting everything else done. Childhood is the most precious experience in the world. I think it's figuring out how to honor their childhood and honor you as a woman at the same time that is the most difficult balance. I'm still working on that.

How has the state of the world today affected your view of motherhood? Has it changed the type of mom you are?

Environmental and political issues will always be in flux. The mom that I am comes from such a deep, internal place that I don't think current events really alter it. I feel like the mom you become is all being fed from your soul. It's not always something you are in direct control of. Giving our kids the information and tools to become good souls themselves is the hard part.

What’s the best part of being a mom? Describe an actual moment with your child that illustrates this.

Being loved so entirely, so absolutely, so completely in such an unconditional way (yes I know that will change at 8 years old!). I have a ‘cuddler,’ and when she lays her head down on my chest, pats my shoulder and says, "Oh mama,” I could pretty much die a happy woman. I also think seeing my life more objectively, as a first born daughter myself as well as the first grandchild in my family, that I'm enjoying watching this happen for my own daughter. We, as eldest siblings, can sometimes resent some of the harder rules and expectations that we feel are unfairly placed on us. But now I’m beginning to understand the other side of that role. The love, the attention, the adoration that the first child receives is just as great. It is incomprehensible and so moving. In a nutshell, I no longer exist, my mother lives for Bebelle, and I love every moment of taking a step back.

What is the most important parenting lesson you learned from your own mother?

This is such a hard question! There are so many, but I guess my top three would be the following:

  1. Travel the world. This will be your education long after school has ended.
  2. To have fear and understand it, but to never live through it.
  3. Don't marry anyone until you're at least 30 years old.

How do you plan to spend Mother’s Day this year?

You know what? I get the glory of not "planning" anything!! Isn't that what we all really want anyways? No decisions, just a big bouquet of Lilacs and no decisions. Sounds delicious!

What is your greatest wish for your child?

My greatest wish for Bebelle is that she always approaches the world from a place of joy. I think this way of looking at life only leads one to great things.


Thank you, Genevieve! We are superheroes indeed! Superheroes who really, really want a day of no decision making.


+++ What about you? How do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?

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