What's on Top of Your Refrigerator?

fridge top

Photo from The Selby


"What do you ladies do with the empty space over the fridge?" asked CafeMom JasonsMom2007 recently over in the Design on a Dime Moms group.

So I'm curious. Tell us what's on top of your fridge? Share your ideas for keeping it organized.



Some of you in the group have canisters, a cookie jar, glass jars, a wine rack, baskets, plants, cookbooks, or other decorative items up on top. Some of your refrigerators are built into cabinets. Others have the microwave, toaster oven, or a TV on top of the fridge. And just a few of you have an empty spare nothing up there. You like it clean. One or two admit that the fridge top is a catch-all.

I fall into the latter. Our tiny 1920s kitchen doesn't have room for a fridge really, so ours is tucked around the corner in what used to be an outdoor porch (it's weird but not that weird). So because the fridge is out of sight for the most part, I do keep the tote with the cleaning supplies, the cereal boxes, and a basket for chips and whatnot up there. It's not pretty but functional.


+++ What about you? What's on top of your fridge? Any good ideas for using that space?


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