Tori Spelling: 5 Questions About Motherhood

Tori Spelling

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Tori Spelling—mom to 2-year old Liam and 11-month old Stella, wife to Dean McDermott, TV and reality show diva, short-lived B&B owner, jewelry designer, and author of the new tell-all book Mommywood—is here with us today (not sure how she fit us into that hectic schedule). But we're lucky have her, and she's telling us all about who she is as a mom.

In honor of Mother's Day month, we're talking to a lot of moms in the Daily Buzz blogs, and will be featuring many celebrity moms too.

Here are Tori Spelling's thoughts on motherhood.


What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

Motherhood has taught me so much. It changes your whole perspective on life. You realize how unimportant the small things are in life. You come to grasp total patience and are given the blessing of an overall purpose. I see life differently now through their innocent and yearning-to-be-nurtured-and-taught eyes.

How has the state of the world today affected your view of motherhood?

Its made me a conscious mom. I make being aware of our world and its state a priority as I'm responsible for taking care and teaching the way for my children. Our children will lead the future, and it makes me want to protect the world we live in for their future.

What do you love best about being a mom?

The best part of being a mom is knowing that it's my smile that greets each new day for them. It's my embrace that gently rocks them to sleep each night. It's knowing that I'm completely responsible for these little beautiful beings that depend solely on our love and nurturing to guide them. That's solidified each morning when I come into Liam's room and from his crib a huge smile beams out at me and I hear "hi mama." That's all I need to get through my day!

mommywoodHow do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?

This year on Mother's Day I simply want to stay home and cuddle my beautiful children and have my husband cuddle me. We've been working very hard this year, so a down day of nothing but family time is exactly what I want and need.

What is your greatest wish for your children?

My greatest wish for my children is that we give them the basis to go out into this world feeling completely loved, self confident, and self reliant. Then they can conquer anything life throws their way!



Thank you for sharing with us, Tori! Your greatest wish for your children is also mine. Along with good health, it's all a mom can ask for really.


+++ What about you? What is your greatest wish for your children?


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