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In honor of Mother's Day month, we're celebrating moms and home life here in Home & Garden Buzz.

All month, I'll be featuring guest posts by some of my favorite home- and garden-loving mamas. Each mom will be sharing snapshots from her home life and a guest post about what home means to her.

Today I welcome Ez from the blog Creature Comforts.



Ez, what does home mean to you?

To me home is all about comfort, security and memory making. As a kid, my mom, little sister, and I moved a lot, but fortunately each new home was always filled with memorable moments with one another that I now love to recall and share with my daughter (like raking and jumping in the fall leaves with my mom. We don't get many fall-like leaves here in California, so it's a great story to tell).

Now that I am a parent myself I make a big effort to create moments with my daughter that she will be able to take with her and perhaps share with her kids one day. We do a lot of hands-on crafts and activities with one another, and perusing old articles from my magazine collection is always great inspiration for us.

My hope is that no matter where my daughter and I may live throughout the years, that she will always feel that she is home.

About Ez:


Ez and her daughter, past and present









Ez (pronounced Ee-zee) is mother to a 10-year old daughter, author of the blog Creature Comforts, dabbler in photography, and owner of two online shops (Wren & Chickadee for her photographic prints and PDF downloads and Nice Package for creative packaging supplies).

Thank you so much, Ez. Memory making, yes! That's the good stuff. Readers, stay tuned all month long, as several moms share photos and words about their home lives.

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