Rinne Allen's Creative Family Home = Love

living room

Rinne Allen's home, via D*S


Photographer Rinne Allen's 100-year old home is so so pretty. I just came across the via Cookie's Nesting blog (thanks, Sarah).



Rinne mixes lots of patterns, colors, vintages to create this comfy and creative family home. It's not one of those houses where you're afraid to touch anything. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It probably stems from growing up around all my great auntie's inspired houses, but in my heart of hearts, I have a real love for a home like this—a place that's fabulously personalized and rich with unique and wonderful art and treasures.

I also can't stop staring at this lovely outdoor scene from Rinne's patio.

Check out some of Rinne's recent spring-inspired photography on this joy+ride, my inspiration blog.


+++ Have you seen a home you love love love lately? Tell us about it.


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