Eco-Garden Tip: Grapefruit Rinds as Biodegradable Pots for Starter Seedlings




Avoiding plastic and paper waste while gardening? Then consider this cool eco-gardening tip from CafeMom braysmommy247.






CafeMom braysmommy247 recently shared this waste-free gardening tip over in the Next Generation of Green Thinking Moms group.

"If you have a garden or plant flowers: A great way to start them indoors is in half of a grapefruit or orange hollowed and cleaned out. You get to eat the grapefruit/orange, and once the plant is ready to be put outside, you can just put the entire thing in the ground!"

Great tip. Remember to slice a few holes in the bottom of the rind for drainage.

No more paper or plastic containers. Not even so much as a reused egg carton. No waste. Totally biodegradable. That's as green as you can get! Thanks, braysmommy247.


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