Square Foot Gardening: A Small Space for a Whole Lot of Garden


Photo by Austinka


Square foot gardening means gardening for everyone! Whether you have little or no yard, bad soil, a bad back, problematic knees, or digging pets or children, you too can have a garden bearing fruits, vegetables and flowers using this smart gardening methodology.

CafeMom Austinka shows us how she built a whole lot of garden on a small tabletop on her patio.



Here's Austinka:

"This year I wanted to start an herb and vegetable garden, so I got some seeds at Lowe's. I found a very interesting idea while online looking up information about the seeds—square foot gardening. The more I researched, the more it appealed to me...especially since our yard is Georgia red clay and no good dirt.

The basic idea of a square foot garden is a raised planting area that you can manage easily by dividing into 1' x 1' blocks. The whole area should not be larger than 4' x 4' so that you can reach all areas of the garden easily and without having to step inside the garden. This prevents you from compacting the dirt and makes it very easy to maintain.

One of the blogs I came across was that of Frugal Dad. He made a 4' x 2' square foot garden on a table. His blog is what persuaded me the most to go ahead with my own project. How convenient—a garden for all the things I wanted to grow and I don't even have to bend over to weed or water it!  There is also an official website for Square Foot Gardening, which also helped a lot us with planning.

There is a metal table on my patio that came with chairs. We bought it several years ago and rarely use it. We decided to turn it into the base for our garden.

I'm so excited that we will have fresh herbs and veggies this year! I can't wait to start eating from my own garden!"



Photo by Austinka


This is awesome. Austinka is growing strawberries, green bell pepper, tomatoes, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and marigolds. That's a whole lot of garden on a single tabletop. You don't have to build square foot gardens on a raised surface, but it does have its advantages.

I love this whole idea.

To read Austinka's step-by-step process on how to build a square foot garden, visit her journal post: Tabletop Square Foot Garden. She even provides a cost breakdown on the project, which can be made very affordably.

Thanks for sharing, Austinka!


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