Stock up on Affordable Home Basics: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning

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Your spring cleaning is done, but your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom still don't look as fresh and lovely as can be... It might be time to stock up on some kitchen, bed, and bath basics.



Keeping in mind our budgets and our pocketbooks, sometimes the ultimate spring cleaning means stocking up on some affordable quality basics. A fresh set of bright yellow bath towels, an extra set of cool white sheets, maybe even a brand new coverlet to brighten the bedroom.

Let's face it. You clean and clean with all your might, but sometimes those mismatched bath towels or that bedspread with the chocolate milk stain simply need to be replaced. Sometimes your bathroom needs a quick affordable makeover. And let's not even talk about that wrinkled, tattered excuse for a kitchen towel (hint: it needs to be replaced).

So today's your lucky day. Sometimes spring cleaning time is time to shop, mamas.


+++ What about you? Do you need to stock up on some kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom basics?


(All photos via Kmart)


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