Ready, Set...Speed Clean!

Pledge clean fasterAccording to a recent Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner survey, nearly 70 percent of parents look for ways to clean faster and more conveniently than their mothers did.

So how can today's busy moms and dads get the quick clean they crave? Check out the speed cleaning tips below, guaranteed to help you clean more, faster.

  • Clean with your partner or spouse: More than half of parents today clean together -- 49 percent more often than their parents do or did! So split-up domestic duties and tackle twice the chores in less time.
  • Map out a cleaning plan: Clean from top to bottom for most efficient cleaning. For example, clean your counters before the kitchen floor so you don't have to back track to sweep up crumbs or other counter debris.
  • Time yourself: Set aside time each day to do a quick clean-up. For true speed cleaning, set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much you can clean during this dedicated time. Use the timer as a game to get other family members involved.
  • Multitask while cleaning: Throw in a load of laundry while you run the dishwasher, or let the shower soak while you clean the sink. Taking care of multiple chores at once allows you to do more housework in half the time.
  • Use a single cleaning solution: Use Pledge Multi Surface to clean nearly all household surfaces, from wood to glass to electronics. You'll be able to clean room-to-room, without slowing down or switching cleaners.

Need more cleaning tips in a hurry? Check out for advice from cleaning guru Trish Suhr, of The Style Network's Clean House. In addition to dishing out tidying tips, she also performed cleaning interventions on five bloggers and one lucky website guest!

Also, be sure to visit the Cleaning Made Simple Group to swap cleaning tips with other moms. 

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