Get Up to Speed on How to Clean Your Electronics

The following is a guest post from our sponsor Pledge.

What's the hardest thing to clean in your house? The stove? The blinds? The ceiling fan? While all of those tough-to-reach and tough-to-clean areas can be tricky, there is one household surface that leaves many people stumped when it comes to cleaning -- electronics.


While your electronics may be good for keeping you up-to-speed, they're also good at trapping dust, collecting fingerprints, and gathering smudges. Check out the tips below to clean electronics with ease.

 1.    Turn off and unplug electronic equipment before cleaning; always follow the manufacturers' instructions.

2.    Next, use a cleaner that is specially formulated to clean electronics safely and effectively. Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner works on electronics and even has an anti-static formula.

3.    Spray the cleaner on a soft cloth first. Never spray directly on an electronic surface.

4.    Start at the top of the device and work down for the most thorough, streak-free clean.

5.    Use a cotton swab to get hard-to-reach areas that trap debris.

What's better than giving your electronics a cleaning makeover? Saving time while you do it. Using a cleaner like Pledge Multi Surface allows you to use a single cleaner on all of your electronics, then move on to your wood, glass, and stainless steel surfaces (and more!) without switching solutions.

Tell us your tips for how you save time when you clean.

For more cleaning tips, visit the group Cleaning Made Simple.

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