What’s your biggest cleaning challenge?


What's your biggest cleaning challenge? Smudgy counters? Fingerprints on the glass? A computer screen covered with dust? If you're familiar with any of these messy situations, then you are not alone.

Plus, the problem only grows bigger when you look under your sink and see you've got multiple cleaners for different surfaces of the house. In fact, a full 50 percent of you are juggling between five and 10 cleaning products in your house at the same time. With so little time and so many specific surfaces to clean, you need a simple cleaning solution that does-it-all.

Speaking of solutions, Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner is teaming up with Trish Suhr - of The Style Network's "Clean House" - to offer you tips and tricks to simplify your cleaning style. On How I Clean Now, Trish will follow the cleaning habits of five bloggers and help them solve their cleaning challenges - challenges likely to plague you too!


Also, Trish is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to receive an in-person cleaning intervention. That's right, cleaning expert Trish will come to your home and help you tackle your cleaning nightmares ... plus, you'll receive a year's supply of Pledge Multi Surface and $500 to help keep your house looking tip-top!

Explore How I Clean Now to keep up with Trish's cleaning tips, track each blogger's progress, and enter for your chance to win your own cleaning intervention!

Don't forget to share your biggest cleaning challenges with us so we can help each other out with possible solutions.

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