Vertical Gardens: The Living Wall Trend Grows

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vertical garden

Vertical garden designed by Flora Grubb, via Remodelista

The vertical garden has gained popularity over the last few years, thanks to French botanist Patric Blanc who used the green walls widely in his world renowned work. Aren't they gorgeous?

Good art. Good green for the home. And, if you want, even good food.


I love this vertical salad garden, which is grown in an repurposed antique door. It makes for great art and food.



vertical garden

Vertical salad garden

(photo: Stefano Paltera / For the Times)


Of course, now Smith & Hawken is selling large vertical garden walls (found via shelterrific). But they're $399, so I know you crafty DIY-ers are going to come up with something on your own.


Large vertical garden, Smith & Hawken


+++ Do you have a vertical garden indoors or outdoors? If not, do you want one now? I sure do...


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scien... science_spot

I DO want one now!!!!  How cool is that!!!!

bjaco... bjacob1035

I am beginning to do a kind of vertical garden.  I have hanging tomato plants in a topsy turvy and just got strawberry plants that I will be growing in  bags hanging.  Since I live in a condo, and can't plant gardens the normal way, I am learning new ways.  I like the vertical wall idea too.  Maybe I will try that on my patio next.

jemdr... jemdreamz1214

That is so hot, i to have made my own vertical garden, our soil is very sandy so we planted in tommy tomatoes and pots, my patio still looks so peaceful and green. i cant wait till my tomatoe and peper plants bare fruit.

jennm... jennmarie77

I think I could take it or leave it.  I like the vertical salad garden but not too thrilled with the other looks.  But to each their own.

Lumin... LuminousMom

Wow! Those are stunning... I'm really inspired. I have an old milk crate I think I could transform into a mini garden

zinnia11 zinnia11

I tried to make a  vertical succulent garden last summer but I didn't succeed.  The succulents just didn't grow well and I gave up.  Now I am gardening in pots and raised beds and so far it is working great.  I have about 9 kinds of tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, string beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, dwarf banana, nasturtiums, watermellon, green onion, carrots, beets, 2 kinds of cucumber, eggplant, blueberry, orange tree, key lime tree, and assorted herbs. 

My pain management doctor told me that she read a study that showed that playing in the dirt can raise seratonin levels.  I guess I took it to extremes but i do feel better, and my husband says that I look better!

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