$27 Furniture Makeover: Chairs Go from Curb to Dining Room



Photo by CSRodriguez




The $50 kitchen makeover has inspired many of you to take on DIY home projects. Mostly, this just makes me think YOU ARE AWESOME!

CafeMom CSRodriguez just shared with me her $27 "rubbish to regal" chair makeover project. Check it out.







"This is a sturdy but very ugly and stained chair I retrieved from the curb (I won't go in the dumpster lol)," says CSRodriguez. "This is what I did to it."



Photo by CSRodriguez


The $27 bought enough material to do two chairs:

  • One can of satin finish black paint   
  • 3 yards fabric 
  • 3 yards batting 
  • Paintbrush
  • Staples for the staple gun

Reusing and recycling old furniture is great for the planet and the pocketbook too! This chair came out looking mighty nice. Can you believe it was just sitting on a curb somewhere? So glad CSRodriguez gave it some love.


+++ Have you recently been inspired to do a DIY project on a small budget for your home? Send me a message to share.


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