Everyone Wants a Raised Garden Bed These Days

raised garden

Photo from Scout Regalia


I can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the raised garden bed—and I mean in my own circle of friends, mostly parents with young kids who are (sorry, friends) pretty much gardening amateurs (myself included). Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Right?



Have to say when I saw this Raised Garden Box Kit for just $85 on Scout Regalia's site, I was seconds away from the click, click, order, done! But I stopped myself, remembered our budget, and held off...and good thing cause the $85 doesn't include the lumber. :)

"Requiring the home gardener to obtain their own lumber promotes sustainable practices. It encourages people to use regionally harvested lumber, salvaged wood, composite decking, or other reclaimed material sources."


I know you DIY-ers are thinking, "But constructing a raised bed is so so easy!" Well, for the rest of us, building that box is the one thing that stands between our families and some homegrown fruits and veggies and heck, the flower and herb gardens of our dreams!

So the jury is still out for me... I'm still thinking $85 (+ shipping) for some brackets, screws, and instructions could change my world. What do you think? Deal or no deal?


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