Get Ready - 2009 Calendars Are Coming!

While I've been reading around and trying to bend my brain around the idea of changing our busy Family Calendar system—even seriously considering this Calendar Wallpaper—I realized the most adorable 2009 calendars have already hit the market. Yikes! I'm not ready. I can't commit!

Just take a look!

2009 collections Calendar, $20 at seventy and sunny


2009 Nikki McClure Wake Up! Calendar, $16 at Buy Olympia

2009 Wall Art Calendar, $26.95 at Paper Source (via Home by Sunset)

2009 In the Studio: A Year of Crafts Calendar, $28.95 at Lulu

2009 Through the Seasons: A Year of Children & Nature Calendar, $28.95 at Lulu

Oh, forget all this pondering about calendar systems. I want a pretty calendar, and I'm going to go get me one. You comin'?

Have you bought your 2009 Calendar yet? If you see one you love, do share in the comments below.

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