Help! - Cheap Storage Ideas for Children's Books

sourmom2 put up a post in the Creative Kids Rooms group, seeking cheap storage ideas for her daughters' books.

sourmom2 doesn't want to add furniture to the room, so ordinary bookshelves are out. However, she's open to baskets or boxes or even wall-hung alternatives, any idea that would keep the books neat and off the floor.

Here are three ideas I came up with for sourmom2:

1) In our small house, we love our underbed storage. Here's a nice under-the-bed storage bin from IKEA that's just $8.99. Keep a small decorative basket of the in-use books next to the bed and store all the others neatly underneath in one of these. If you have a suitcase you barely use laying around the house, use it for underbed storage. Hey, now that's FREE.


2) This floating bookshelf from The Container Store calls for minimal wall space and can handle a pretty good stack of books. At just $9.74 a piece, put up a few on the walls and a few more in the closet out of sight.

3) Now these Collector's Shelves from Pottery Barn Kids are more costly at $29-$49 each, but they sure are cute. If you're handy in the woodshop, these would be a breeze to put together.

Got a great solution for sourmom2's book storage dilemma? Please share your ideas below in the comments. If you're lookng for help with your own Home & Garden dilemma, drop me a PM, and I'll try to round up some ideas for you here.

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