Touching Story Amid a Bathroom Remodel





Had to share this heartwarming story that unfolded during a bathroom remodel.

Kathleen70 and her husband were tearing up their bathroom for renovation. When her husband tore out the old tub surround, he found a note left there 20 years earlier by Kathy's first husband, who died in an accident 5 years after that tub surround was put in.



Here's the message they found:



Photo by Kathleen70


"I had no idea it was there," says Kathy. "I think everyone in the house had a tear in their eye."

Read Kathy's Cool find post yourself over in the Design on a Dime Moms group.

(Thanks, jennmarie77)


 +++ What about you? Do you write messages or let your kids write messages on wall board or floorboard when you're renovating? Have you ever found a hidden message?


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Mina2904 Mina2904

I think its sweet that her first husband left that for her without her knowledge. Although he's gone, he still left his love for her behind... even if it was under the tub the whole time. LOL

kat1116 kat1116

My name being Kathy and having lost a fiance several years ago that made my heart stop a little. I have tears in my eyes for her. What a sweet little reminder that even after we die we have an impact on the ones we love.

jennm... jennmarie77

Thanks for blogging on this.  I think if we all take something from this, take a moment when doing a remodel to leave a note whether it's under a tub or under flooring you are laying.  You never know who may see it.

phyll phyll

Very touching, indeed.  I've got goosebumps!

Answering the question of whether anyone or their kids have left messages, I distinctly remember doing that as a kid.  My parents would also let us put our names in the concrete when they poured driveway or sidewalk slabs.  So far my children haven't had the opportunity to do such.

Thanks for sharing this story!

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Ditto on the goosebumps. What a lovely story!
I once painted the tippy top of my kitchen cabinets with my and my ex's initials. I've since moved out of that house, but I wonder if it's still there.

mckenzy mckenzy

How Romantic!

Lumin... LuminousMom

Aww thats sweet... my hubby hid a few messages like that in our house while we remodeled.. the kitchen floor (under our new wood) is a giant heart that says "I <3 Kristin"

Just_... Just_Clowning

That is so sweet.  We have only ever put our names in concrete areas.  My daughter works in construction and leaves silly notes all over the place when they are doing a new gas station. 

angel... angelicmssngr

Never have done it but I think I will have to start!!  Wonder how the recent hubby feels?

nonmember avatar Rita

We were remodeling the attic bedrooms of our home.  This is the home I grew up in.  When my husband removed the paneling he found my handprints that my mother had traced when I was two years old.  She had traced my hands, written my name and date. 

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