Touching Story Amid a Bathroom Remodel




Had to share this heartwarming story that unfolded during a bathroom remodel.

Kathleen70 and her husband were tearing up their bathroom for renovation. When her husband tore out the old tub surround, he found a note left there 20 years earlier by Kathy's first husband, who died in an accident 5 years after that tub surround was put in.




Here's the message they found:



Photo by Kathleen70


"I had no idea it was there," says Kathy. "I think everyone in the house had a tear in their eye."

Read Kathy's Cool find post yourself over in the Design on a Dime Moms group.

(Thanks, jennmarie77)


 +++ What about you? Do you write messages or let your kids write messages on wall board or floorboard when you're renovating? Have you ever found a hidden message?


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