How to Make a Green Easter Basket

bunny, baby

Photo by dstny157

As you prepare ideas for your precious bunny's Easter basket, stop and think how you can make it a greener Easter basket this year.


Some ideas for how to make a greener Easter basket:

  • Reuse last year's Easter basket. No matter how cute the new ones at Target.
  • Repurpose an Easter basket. Roll down a canvas bag. Have the kids decorate shoe boxes. Use your child's sand bucket.
  • Thrift for Easter baskets: If thrift stores have nothing else, they always have a gazillion decent baskets.
  • Skip the Easter plastics: Use shredded paper, cloth, or even real grass or clover instead of the plastic grassy stuff. If you have plastic eggs, reuse away. If you want them, thrift for them rather than buying new.
  • Use eco-goodies for Easter basket filler, like eco-friendly art supplies or natural, fair trade, and/or organic snacks and candies (sorry, Peeps!)

See? It's not hard to make a green Easter basket. And even if you take on just a few of these earth-friendly suggestions this year, that's eggcellent (sorry...couldn't resist...).


+++ What about you? What's green about your Easter basket ideas?



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