Roses in Full Bloom!


Photo by Cafe Sheri


Some of my roses in bloom! I don't think they've ever looked better.



Here in Northern California, we're in the "advanced blooming" zone. So here's something for those of you (still with sleet! and flurries! and snow!) to look forward to. Big fat pretty blooming flowers.

I don't do much to my roses but prune them in January and keep them watered come spring and summer. I tried Miracle Gro years ago and never had a worse rose season. I use hose bursts of water to clear off aphids. Summertime brings some ugliness that I don't know how to deal with yet, like yellowing leaves and some spots of minor disease. Other than that, I really enjoy having them.

Don't be jealous though. Seriously... In July, my roses will all be fried on their stems in the extreme summer heat. Our now-green hills will turn golden brown, and I will be indoors. Until September.

And that's when I'll be coming to you, my gardening friends, for garden inspiration and blooming love.


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