Changing the Sheets: Chore or Delight?

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Photo by Cafe Sheri

The crisp snap of a clean sheet opening up. The soft whispery beats as it flutters its way down and lands lightly on your bed. The sweet smoothing and tugging them tight. The cool joy of climbing inside two fresh sheets...oh who am I kidding? I'm currently in a sweat recovering from wrestling my down comforter back into its clean duvet cover and doing acrobatics while changing the sheets on the top bunk of my boys' beds. The worst!

Changing the sheets, for me, is definitely more chore than delight.



What about for you? Do you love changing the sheets? Prance your bedding to the washing machine weekly, put on fresh sheets, and then gleefully bounce a quarter off them? Or changing the sheets a chore you dread? You put off changing your sheets or your kids' sheets far longer than you should because you hate it so much. Is this you?

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