An Eco Easter Means Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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Naturally dyed Easter eggs can be gorgeous—look at the image above if you don't believe me.


Artist and blogger Stephanie Congdon Barnes used red cabbage and turmeric to get these bold blues and yellows. Here's how to dye Easter eggs naturally the way Stephanie did.

CafeMom StarMommy77 provides an awesome link in the Green Organic Natural Simple Living group to a list of other natural dyes for Easter eggs, which includes beets, onion skin, cabbage solutions, coffee, and more.

Here's small step toward an Eco Easter. Give it a try.


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Azanne Azanne

i have heard beet juice can turn things colors but why is the dyes we have now not eco-freindly

simpl... simplysmiles13

Great Idea! I also have the same question as the poster above, why is the dye we have now not eco-friendly

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Well, unfortunately, some of the kits on the market may contain synthetic dyes made from not-so-green ingredients, like coal tar and other petroleum products). We've all grown up using these kits, but, whenever possible, I like to choose greener options once I'm made aware of them. And this one's so easy!

livewell livewell

We make eggs with tiny leaves and flowers in a nylon with the egg in it and tied in, and you get wonderful patterns where the plants actually see the pattern of the veins in the leaves! And it works with tea or beet juice.

fullo... fullofhope325

thanks for the info, I will have to come to this

sunmo... sunmoonstars

I have been thinking of doing this instead this year!!

sunmo... sunmoonstars

PS - love that group, there's lots of great info there :)

jerze... jerzeetomato

my DD experimented with making natural dyes one year as a science fair project, (and she won first prize!) and we had a lot of fun doing it.  We used, tea, coffee, beets, blueberries...I love this eco-friendly blog!

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