Sneak Peak Garden: Peonies!


Photo by Cafe Sheri


One of the peony buds in my garden!



I can't really take credit for this one. This pale pink peony plant was here when I moved into this house over eight years ago. I have some other well-established roses, irises, gladiolus, and other perennials out there that I do virtually nothing to but enjoy thoroughly. It's just luck.

In all honesty, I haven't stepped foot in the garden yet this spring. But I will. Next weekend we're hosting Easter (hunt and all), so I have to. This is, of course, how I motivate myself with deadlines. :)

There are ten buds on my peony this year (every year I count and wait...).

Happy Saturday...


+++ What about you? What are you most excited about in your garden this year?


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