Polka Dot Sheets: Current Sentimental Obsession


This is the polka dot sheet set that started my more-than-two-years-long sentimental obsession with polka dot sheets.



When I look at these particular polka dotted sheets, it's more than their delicious spring green color or those adorably abundant dots that make me happy. It's the fact that the pattern and color of these sheets is almost an exact replica of my favorite of my grandma's outdoor tablecloths. It reminds me of dinners in her backyard and lemonade in plastic Tupperware cups and the way my grandma's glasses darkened in the sun. She's been gone five years this month.

I saw these sheets at Target a few years ago and immediately wanted them for nostalgia's sake. I do still have my grandma's old plastic polka dot tablecloth, but it's totally falling apart. My husband keeps slipping it into the trash can, and I keep pulling it back out. But I didn't buy the sheets. And then I kept thinking about them. And then it was too late. They don't have my sheet size anymore (but I'm always looking on eBay).

So now the obsession has grown. It doesn't make any sense. Just bear with me.

Now, for whatever reason, since I can't have the polka dot sheets I want, I keep trying to fill the need with other polka dot sheets (like these Dottie Sheets or this Dot Percale Bedding or a Yellow Spot Pillowcase or this nice Penelope Swirl Sheet Set). And I go to buy them. And I'm soooo happy when they're on sale! Which they are. A lot.

And then I remember I really wanted the green ones cause they remind me of my grandma's tablecloth. And then I remember the tablecloth reminds me of my grandma. And I don't buy the sheets. Again. Cause I remember it's really not about polka dot sheets. I really just miss my grandma.


+++ What about you? Do you ever get sentimental about household things?


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