What's Your Must-Have Gardening Tool?

Do you have all your gardening tools and equipment ready to hit the garden? What's the one tool you can't live without when you go into the garden?


My must-have garden tools are:

My cultivator (dang that crab grass!) and my garden gloves...



+ Corona Bamboo Cultivator from Target

+ Espresso Beads Garden Gloves from Hable Construction



In the love my garden group, CafeMom blizzanj asked everyone to share The Best Gardening Tools.

CafeMom woodsyearthmama recommends the Hori Hori Knife, which is good for digging, transplanting, weeding, cutting through roots and branches, and more.



Japanese Hori Hori Knife from Smith & Hawken


CafeMom Fayanne can't live without her mattock, which works great for digging, loosening hard ground, chopping roots, trenching, and more.



Mattock Garden Cutter from Ace Hardware


Both of these bad boys look like they'd do a better job on my crab grass than my little cultivator. How exciting!


+++ What about you? What's your must-have gardening tool?


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