Great Gift Book for Nature-Loving Kids


Wanted to share this cute new nature-loving book I recently got customized for my son Leo (shhh, it'll probably show up in his Easter basket).



Frecklebox recently offered me a book of my choice, and I couldn't wait to customize this one that celebrates your child's name with little bits of nature. Wonderful!

Here's a peek at my favorite pages inside:



"LEO" spelled out in the clouds


"LEO" spelled out in ladybugs


My fave, "LEO" spelled out in pigeons


The Frecklebox site provides a complete look inside, and you can preview each page, personalized for the child, before you buy.

"My Name Is..." Personalized Book

$19.95 soft cover
$34.95 hard cover

These make perfect personal gifts for friends and family members who are learning to recognize their names. They'll love seeing their names spelled out in familiar friends from the natural world.


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