Redecorate a Bathroom for Less Than $33? This Mom Did...


It's true; moms are some of the craftiest, most innovative people on the planet. And today I have proof.

After seeing Mom2torandis's amazing $50 kitchen redo, CafeMom NorahSethsMommy wrote in to show me how she redecorated her bathroom on a budget of just $50—and she actually finished her bathroom for less than $33!

Check it out.



"The first pics are of the bathroom before. These were actually taken a couple years ago."







NorahSethsMommy: "It took a bit longer than I had planned, but the bathroom is finally finished, and IMO, it is so beautiful! I wish I had another bathroom so I didn't have to let the kids in there! LOL

Most of the decor in my house is sort of modern and earthy so the bathroom (in sort of French Country style) is different, but I just wanted a more fancy/romantic feel in there."

Here's the breakdown on how NorahSethsMommy spent her budget:

Purchases at my local Habitat ReStore: $12.50

  • PAINT: $8. I bought two gallons of paint at my local Habitat Re-Store for $4 each. One was a sort of dark green and the other a pale grey. They mixed to make the perfect soft light olive color.
  • RUG: $1. This is the rug in front of the tub, which was actually a carpet sample.
  • BRASS HOOKS: $0.50. I put these on the back of my bathroom door.

Purchases at my local Big Lots: $13

  • TOWEL RACK: $5
  • PLACEMATS: $1 each (on top of the dresser)

Other purchases: $7

  • HANGING BASKET: $5. I bought the basket that's hanging on the wall above the tub (with the candles and wine bottle in it) at Walmart.
  • ARTWORK: $2. I bought the picture on the side wall by the toilet at Family Dollar.

Reused items: $0

  • DRESSER: The dresser is an old cabinet I bought a thrift store years ago and used in my apartment when I was single. It had been sitting in my daughter's closet unused for five years.
  • LANTERN: The lantern hanging by the window I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago; it was sitting in my basement.
  • RUG: The blue throw rug in front of the shower was from my old rug set.
  • PAINTING: The painting above the dresser is one my MIL bought us a few years ago that she got a hotel closing sale for like $5. It was not my style...the rest of my house is more earthy decor, so it was sitting in my basement. Perfect for this project.
  • CANE FLOOR VASE: The cane floor vase with the dried plants was a wedding gift and had been in my living room for five years. It really served no great purpose there, and as I was passing it one day and thought it would work perfect in the bathroom. So I moved it up there.
  • OTHER DECORATIVE PIECES: I got the long plaques above the toilet in a xmas gift exchange. The baskets, candles, vase, and flowers I had in my basement. The wine bottle is from a vineyard my husband and I visited on our honeymoon at Niagra-on-the-Lake.
  • TOILETRIES: The goodies in the basket on the dresser are hotel toiletires I have saved from various hotels over the years, as well as samples I have gotten in the mail.

"Other than cleaning supplies, I think that's about it. So with using a lot of things I had already, I did it all for about $33 out of pocket."


And here's NorahSethsMommy's bathroom AFTER!









Besides über-craftiness, the key here is really creative reuse! This mom bought a few new things but, more than anything, she was able to bring a bunch of unloved and unused items back to life in this reinvented room.

You're awesome, NorahSethsMommy. This is a mighty lovely bathroom here.


+++ What about you? Have you redecorated a room for less than $50? If so, write to me and tell me how you did it.


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