Housework Is Just No Fun


Photo by seakla

Before you start to think I *like* housework or something, I just wanted to get something straight.

Housework is just no fun.


I know I talk about cleaning a lot lately on this blog (a lot more than I actually clean, believe me), so I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I definitely feel cleaning house is one of life's necessary evils. Gotta do it! But don't gotta like it!

I quoted a bit of Carol Channing's timeless classic "Housework" last week, but all this chipper talk about spring cleaning demands a listen today or—if you grew up to the soundtrack of Free to Be...You and Me like I did—a re-listen. It's a great track for kids too!

Happy listening:

Carol Channing's "Housework" (click on the box in the right column)

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