Clean Your Ceiling Fan With a Pillowcase

With spring cleaning under way (well, I haven't actually done a lick...LOL!), I have to say I loved this easy tip on how to clean a ceiling fan from Real Simple magazine.


After hearing a friend's fan-blade-dust-dinner-party disaster story, I have a little ongoing anxiety about post-winter fan blade dust buildup. She was hosting an end-of-winter dinner party with friends, and she not only burnt the roast, but also her husband, in a desperate attempt to clear out the smoke from the burning roast, turned on the ceiling fan, which threw giant clumps of dust all over her pretty dinner table. Oh my!

So this tip caught my eye. Real Simple reader Maryellen Klements offered up this awesome tip for cleaning ceiling fans with a pillowcase. Just hook the open end of the pillowcase over the fan blade and pull it across the dusty blade, catching all the dust inside the case. I think I might figure out a way to add some dusting spray to the case beforehand too.

+++ What about you? Got any secret spring cleaning tips to share?

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