5 Reasons to Party - Home & Garden Style!

1) Autumn, the Season for Rest. Rest your mind. Rest your body. Rest your garden and your lawn mower. Enjoy all the colors of the season. And hey, I've never heard anything about "Autumn cleaning," and that's reason enough to celebrate.

Photo by MommaBeaver


2) Snuggly, Cozy Times: The weather outside is cooler. All the more reason to stay inside at home and cuddle up on the couch with the ones you love.

Photo by rockabillyma6

3) A Lot Less Cabbage Soup: You no longer have to EAT all the cabbage you harvest this season (don't say I'm not lookin' out for ya!). Now you can decorate with it. These party people are enjoying a lovely "green" coffee table of decorative cabbage.

4) Teepees Make for Indoors Fun: Teepees, yes teepees, are all the rage for indoor fun. And who doesn't love a good teepee? I know this Cookie article on Teepees got me wanting one. Last one in the teepee's a rotten egg!

5) CafeMom Daily Buzz Blogs!!!: Get your good reading on every day in the Daily Buzz. Read about Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, Big Kid, Food & Party, Healthy Living, Beauty & Style, and Entertainment. There's something for everyone.

So while you're resting inside, because it's cooler, put your feet up on your cabbage coffee table (or maybe not) inside your hipster teepee and enjoy some reading. Now that's what I call a party!

And don't forget...upload your Home & Garden and other photos and tag them dailybuzz so you can be featured on the Daily Buzz blogs! I want to feature your homes, decorating ideas, garden shots, and tips every week.

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