Happy St. Patrick's Day: Green Inspiration from Mama Bloggers

dew on grass

"tiny hearts" by Tracey Clark

The best tips and inspirations always seem to come from good friends!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day GREEN, some of my favorite mama bloggers shared some green inspiration—the lovely color green, garden green, and the eco-friendly kind of green.

  • Tracey from Shutter Sisters lent us the inspiring photo above (can you see the hearts?). "My backyard is a constant, ever-growing, ever-changing source of inspiration for me. I am not a green thumb, but I overcompensate by really appreciating the beauty of nature in my own, overgrown suburban backyard. Being in SoCal means that I've got the beauty of green all year long. But this time of year is especially nice with the green promise of spring."
  • Jennifer of Mommy Too! Magazine likes Tissue Spritz. "You can spray it on recycled toilet paper instead of using baby wipes. Very environmental and smells great! And adults can use it too. Love it!"
  • Cafe MicheleZ of Beauty & Style Buzz loves her cute Eggling Plant Kits"Since I live in the city, I don't have a garden. I have some of these Egglings for herbs and want to get more. Nothing like fresh herbs! And I also want to invest in some hard-to-kill houseplants (I don't have a green thumb sadly) that will help keep the air in the house clean or at least cleaner." from Japan.
  • Susan from Friday Playdate just bought this Stoneware Bamboo Shape Vase. "The bamboo shape is a nice natural touch, and the glaze makes it less rustic and more formal. Our style is pretty minimalist; we're not big fans of clutter or tchochkes at our house. But we wanted some color and pattern to add interest to our living room, so I bought one of these vases for my mantel recently; it's perfect on its own or with flowers. And now it's on sale! Perfect..."

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! Hope it's happy and green.

+++ Do you have any green or eco-friendly inspirations today? Do share.

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