Great-Looking DIY Tiled Staircase Kickboard


Photo by GOBryan

CafeMom GOBryan took on this DIY project that really made her staircase look lovely. She tiled the kickboard of her stairs with one-inch multicolored slate tiles to avoid ongoing ugly scuff marks. "The kickboard of my steps was white and always marked up by shoes hitting it, so we tiled."


GOBryan's advice: It's actually a very simple project...done like you would any floor with thin set, tile, and grout. Make sure to use an extra strong thin set since the tiles are a bit heavy.

The top layer of tiles we chose did have to be hand cut to fit, which was tricky because slate tiles are layered tiles and can easily split apart, but it's possible. If you use another kind of tile, it would be easier to cut for the project. You can also use a wood trim on top against the step so that you don't have to cut any tile. It all depends on the height of your steps, of course. It may fit to scale and so no cutting would be needed.

Doesn't the natural stone tile against the dark wood steps make the staircase look really pretty? This is an easy and inexpensive beautification project that also makes the stairs' upkeep lower maintenance too! Love that.

(via Home Decor and So Much More group)

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