Redecorate a Kitchen on a $50 Budget? Really?

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How do real moms living on a day-to-day budget decorate for less? Well, let's ask CafeMom Mom2torandis how she redecorated her entire kitchen on a budget of just $50! You won't believe the outcome.

This could be called Extremely Frugal Home Makeover!


"This is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in on 01/12/07."

kitchen kitchen

How I Redecorated My Kitchen for $50

This is no joke. I have been begging my DH to redo our kitchen since we moved in, and he kept telling me that we didn't have the money. So we talked it out. I started by saying, "I could do it for $200?" and he finally gave in about three months ago and said "If you can do it for $50, then fine. But you're not getting a penny over $50, so have fun." I was so excited about getting to do what I wanted that I took the $50 and ran.

Here is the breakdown of how I spent the money:

  • NEW STOVE: FREE. The new stove was free from my sister who got a brand new stainless steel monster.                       
  • BACKSPLASH: $6. I got it at Dollar General. It is self-adhesive drawer and cabinet liner. 
  • TRIM AND CABINET PAINT: $10. Found at the local hardware store.
  • BLACK SPRAY PAINT: $7 for 3 cans. The paint was on sale at Dollar General. I used a can and a half to spray paint a bunch of stuff that was stainless steel instead of spending the extra money on black items for the kitchen: my paper towel holder (was stainless steel), the outside edge of my clock (was white), the utensil holder, the pot rack (was green, something I got for free at a yard sale), the outlet and light switch covers (were white), the glass canister lids (were silver), along with the brass-colored drawer and cabinet knobs. 
  • AREA/THROW RUGS: $5. This was the cost for the gas to my sister-in-law who drove them out to me (someone who lives near her was going to throw them away). 
  • DECORATIVE ITEMS: $10. I found the hand towels, pot holders, and small jars for the counter top at Big Lots. The decorative butterflies were free. I found some online I liked and printed them out, made the stencil with my stencil making kit, and put them up myself.                  
  • CURTAINS: $12. Bought the material a Walmart, and DD and I made them on our sewing machine.
  • SMALL TABLE: FREE. I traded a cousin my small glass-top table set for this small wooden table set.

About the Refrigerator: The refrigerator is new. Our old one died on us, so that doesn't count toward the $50. It was a necessity.    

That's it, $50. Other than paint, the stuff I got at Big Lots, and the material at Walmart, I bought nothing new. I just made every thing look new.

And here's Mom2torandis's kitchen AFTER!



With a lot of creativity and ingenuity and an openness to creative reuse (so good for our planet too!), Mom2torandis has done an amazing job updating her kitchen. Doesn't it look fantastic?

+++ What about you? Have you ever done this big a home improvement project on this small a budget?

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Norah... NorahSethsMommy

Using my local Habitat for Humanity store and a few things (towel bars, etc) from big Lots...I redecorated my bathroom for less $50.

gitan... gitanomadre

Wow      I want  you to do mine  lol  that is an incredible change 

26momof2 26momof2

Amazing!!!  I love it !!!!

Great job mamma!!!

you rock

Judes... JudesMomma

I must say, I'm impressed!  Your kitchen is adorable!

claud... claudinemccool

You did a excellent job!!  What's your next project?  Good idea's.

Bobbij24 Bobbij24

Wow, you did an excellent job!!

gmcat gmcat

Awesome job and congrats on your new kitchen!!!

DawnA72 DawnA72

The "new" kitchen looks great. Good job!

upper... uppercasemama

This is awesome!  I too couldn't afford to spend much money.  In case someone else needs an idea I took white contact paper and put it on the backspash which had a flat finish and I used several shades of browns and reds and a rectangle sponge and painted the sponge with the paints and sponged it so it speak on the white contact paper.  I left between 1/4 - 1/2 inch space between "bricks" and the white left showing was my "grout".  From a distance it looked just like bricks and I've had tons of compliments!

tess-... tess-n-co

my immediate response was "oh how fun!" great job momma.

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