Sponsored Post: Should I Buy a Carpet Cleaner?

carpet cleaner

Photo by LelandsMommy

The following is a guest post from our sponsor Hoover.

We've got a lot of carpet in our house (3 bedrooms, den, 2 hallways, plus the stairs). Ever since we moved in, we've always had our carpet professionally cleaned. To be honest, I never thought too much about it. The company would just come in once a year, do their thing, and leave. It was a little bit of a pain having a bunch of strangers in my house, but they did an OK job.

Of course, that was before we started having more kids and more pets. And as anyone with lightly colored carpet, three kids under age 10, and two Black Labs can tell you...it doesn't take very long for your carpet to turn into a disaster area!




A couple of months after the carpets got cleaned they'd start looking like a barn floor. Frankly, it was a little embarrassing. Now it's to the point where we're having our carpets professionally cleaned three times a year -- at around $170 per visit. That's adding up to some serious money.
I mean, I can't tell my 8 year old that we can't afford to buy him a new baseball glove because mommy had to have clean carpets. Then again, I can't stand another disapproving look from my mother-in-law when she glances down at our dirty carpets. So I started doing some research online and saw that a Carpet Cleaner pretty much pays for itself after two or three uses. And from what I saw, some of the newer models are as easy to use as a regular vacuum.
What do you think I should do? Has anyone else started cleaning their own carpets and had good results?   

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