Is My Carpet Really Clean?

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Photo from Hoover

The following is a guest post from our sponsor Hoover.

For most people, a quick once-over with the vacuum is enough. But, well...I'm not most people. That's right, I'm a clean freak. I used to vacuum our carpets several times a week, but those days are long gone. Ever since I had my first child, that's just not realistic. These days it's once a week if I'm lucky.

But when I do clean, I want to make sure I get everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!


Now I'm not talking about "looks clean," I'm talking "let's get a microscope and a scientist and prove it's clean." With my old vac, I just had to go back and forth a gagillion times until I felt like it had to be clean. But even then I wasn't sure. It drove me crazy!
Thank goodness the Hoover Platinum Collection Cyclonic Bagless Upright finally came to the rescue. It's like the people who engineered this thing were inside my head. My fave feature on the model I bought is called the dirt finder. It does exactly what it sounds like: finds dirt and tells you when there isn't any left. It's not some gimmick either (I checked the website!). The dirt finder uses something called "real-time sonic technology." If you ask me, that's actually better than a scientist with a microscope.
So now when I get to vacuum, I don't waste time vacuuming a room until my arm falls off. I can just move on when the dirt finder tells me an area is clean. Because when you're a clean freak like me, knowing the carpet is clean is a whole lot better than just guessing.
Are there any other moms out there who worry if their carpet only looks clean? Have you ever been surprised by the amount of gunk you've found in your carpet? Has anyone else been saved by Hoover's dirt finder?

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