Cleaner Floors, Safer Kids


The following is a guest post from Hoover:

When you’ve got two little ones like I do, cleaning can fall to the bottom of your to-do list pretty fast. I’m usually so busy I don’t have time to notice what’s messy, much less clean it up. But something happened recently that brought cleaning back onto my mommy radar.
My oldest, Sam (18 months), was entertaining herself on the floor with a new toy while I was feeding my newest, Alex. So after a few minutes Sam comes up to me holding a tennis-ball sized dust bunny in her little hand and says, “Soft, mommy, soft!”


Seeing something so gross next to my precious little girl really freaked me out. I did some research online and found that dust bunnies can be really dangerous…full of dust mites and other parasites. That’s when I decided keeping my floors clean wasn’t just about looking good. It was about keeping my girls safe.
I wouldn’t call myself a total clean freak now, but I am a lot more obsessed with keeping my floors dust and dirt-free. If I even see a tiny little dust bunny, I stop what I’m doing and vacuum the whole area.
Have any other moms out there had a similar change of tune? Do you find yourself cleaning less now that you’ve got kids? Would love to hear about other moms’ cleaning habits. 

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